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April 20-25, 1969

"I do not belong to heaven. I'm yours" ...Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Kaola and Mahakaola
Samadhi - stages of spiritual absorption

Baba discussed the difference between a kaola and Mahakaola. Kaolas are those who raise the awakened sleeping spiritual force (kundalini) from its slumber at the base of the spine up to the culminating point of the pineal gland. The Mahakaola can raise his kundalini and others too.

Baba was surrounded by young margii students from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (City University of Manila) when He discussed the different kinds of spiritual experiences. He explained what happens when the awakened spiritual force ( kundalini) crosses the different plexi in the human structure. He said that the mantra given at the time of initiation (formal lesson into meditative practice) vibrates and awakens the kulakundalini (sleeping divinity at the last bone of the spine). With Divine help, it begins to rise upward on its way to the pineal gland, the topmost gland, the seat of the Supreme Consciousness. When the kulakundalini crosses the svadhisthana cakra, the meditator experiences a pleasure, the feeling that he/she is not alone (salokya samadhi). Where he is, the Supreme father is also there. When the kulakundalini crosses the manipura cakra, the "navel cakra" (the controlling point of the pancreas), the meditator experiences a more charming pleasure and feels his proximity to the Supreme Father (samipya samadhi). The Supreme Father is visible. When the anahata cakra, the "solar plexus", is crossed, the meditator experiences the first tactual experience with the Divine Father (sajuya samadhi), the meditator enjoys the close contact, side by side with the Supreme Father. He just moans and say, Baba, Baba. That experience is called bhava samadhi. When the kulakundalini crosses the vishuddha cakra, the "throat plexus", the meditator feels, "I am one with Him - not close contact, but oneness. "I am one with the Supreme Progenitor; I am one with the Supreme Cognition". This is sarupya samadhi. Mahabhava samadhi is reached when the kundalini reaches the ajna cakra, the "pituitary gland", the point between the eyebrows. This experience is called sarshti. Here there is a gap between I and He, connected by "am". I am He. When the "I" and He coincides, "I" becomes He or He becomes "I". By more sadhana, one reaches the final stage of samadhi, when the kulakundalini, the awakened sleeping divinity is exalted to the sahasrara cakra, the controlling point of the "pineal gland (crown of the head). In Tantra it is called kaevalya meaning "only". Kevala also means "only" (the noun of kevala is kaevalya), that is; only one entity exists. It may be that I exist or He exists. But the differentiation between I and He disappears. The ideas of "I exist" and "He exists" disappear. This samadhi is Nirvikalpa Samadhi in Yoga, a non-attributional stage and the final stage of a yogi’s journey. Lord Buddha also called this state as Nirvana.

Baba said that for this, someone would need divine help. He assured that all practitioners of Tantrik meditation will in the future, get favor and help regardless of time and space. And because all are sadhakas (practitioners of meditation) they are sure to attain the Supreme Stance and enjoy divine blessedness.

In the above demonstration Baba practically defined who a Mahakaola is, the Guru who not only raises His own kulakundalini, but at His wish can also awaken and raise the kulakundlini of others.

Baba on Extraterrestrial Beings

Baba was in a very joyful mood and stayed very close to the margiis. He welcomed a questions from a margii that he tactfully answered. The question was from brother. Claro San Gabriel (deceased) who He asked Baba,” Is it true that, there are other living beings on other planet?” Baba’s response was,” Why, do you want to have contact with them?” Baba did not elaborate further on the subject. Only Him knows why?

In the sixties, an acarya from Ranchi, India told about something. He said that Baba mentioned about Ananda Marga's existence in forty-eight planets of this universe. Earth is the forty-ninth planet. And today, astronomers are finding many orbiting planets, not just forty-nine.

Once in a starry night during one of His evening walk with some of His workers, He pointed to a star and said; "From here, I will go there. Who wants to come along?". Most of those who raised their hands are no longer with us today.

In the book, Anandamurti: The Jamalpur years, Baba said; "For many births, you have been with me and worked with me. It is God’s desire that dharma be established from one planet to another. You have all helped me in this work. Many times the immoralists have done you great harm, but you have always emerged victorious. We have also come to this planet for a special work, and after we finish it, we will go elsewhere. Those children who need salvation will get it, and those who want to come to other planets with me will come.".

In 2004, when I was in Mainz, Germany, a senior dada, who once served as Baba’s personal assistant, confirmed to me a fantastic true story. He told me that one time, when he was outside Baba’s room performing his official duty, he got curious what Baba was doing in His room for a long time. And so, he peeped through the small opening in Baba’s door. To his amazement, he saw hairy beings entering Baba’s room through the window. Others were massaging His body. This story was told to me by another Baba’s wholetime worker before I went to Germany. I just wanted to get the real information from the original source. The information was confirmed. It was true.

Baba on Seven Secrets of Success

One evening Baba gave His darshan outside the house. He talked about Lord Shiva and Parvati.
1. Firm determination - Firm mind of pinnacled order to reach the desideratum of life-GOD, the Supreme Father.
2. Devotion. Service to Guru - Universal love personified or service to humanity, the life of a devotee.
3. Surrender to Guru - All challenges in life must be surrendered to the Guru. The last test is created by the Tantric Guru thru a drama whereby the devotee would doubt the authority of Guru. Only God can be rightfully called Guru. The meaning of Guru is that One who dispels darkness in the physical, mental and spiritual world. No human teacher can do this.
4. No complex (superiority or inferiority) - Balanced mind.
5. Balanced virtue and evil propensities - Balanced sensory and motor organs. The mind is the eleventh organ.
6. Balanced diet and sentient food - For the sanctification and purification of the body and mind. Simple nutritious food for health. Sentient foods are not only good for the body but definitely good for the mind as well.
7. There is no seven

One of the activities performed during Baba’s visit was marriage and giving blessings to some couples. Some of them got the opportunity to get HIS blessings one at a time. Baba told every couple,” Be like Shiva and Parvati”.

Dharma Maha Cakra
Vinzons Hall
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City

The Desideratum of a Yogi

Baba asked; "What should be your object of ideation? What should be your object of adoration? What should be your goal?". I recall Him reciting the following sloka (poem) which I memorized and continue to recite it by memory when I remember Him:

"The yogi says; Kala sababo niyatirya drucha, bhutani, yoni, purus’a, iti chintya, esam, twattmabhavad, atma pyanisha, sukha dukha heto." He said that time, mind, nature, accident, and fate cannot give a permanent shelter so they cannot be our object of adoration or ideation. The same is true with our unit soul (jiivatma). It cannot be the object of ideation as it has a limited scope. And the only object of ideation is the Supreme Father or Parama Purusa who is beyond the scope of time, place and person.

While Baba was giving His discourse, Dada Vimalananda placed His glass of water too near beside Him and was spilled. Dada got scolded in front of everybody in Hindi language. Baba demands careful attention from His workers.

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